AMI has been up-dating and modernizing packing systems for one of the world's largest cherry packers. The new equipment provided much better pack accuracies, product tracking reliability, and easy of operation.


This bin dump station received a new PLC program which utilized modern state programming techniques. This resulted in  stable, predictable operation. 




The new controls for this bin weighing system made operation smooth, easy and up-gradable.


Cabinet detail





The new generation of AMI box fillers with dual scales uses advanced box fill algorithms that allow the PLC to stop the filling process  before the scales indicate that the box is completely full. This is needed because the scales are always a little behind in reporting box weight and some fruit is in the air or will fall off of the filling conveyor when the conveyor stops. The PLC can predict the correct turn off point for a wide range of filling speeds without additional operator intervention.


Packing Line




Once the boxes are filled, they are weighed a second time to insure proper fill weights. The check weigh scale provides this function by singulating the boxes on the feed conveyor. It then reads a bar code on the box to determine the box type and weight, weighs the box and compares its weight to a specified range of acceptable weights, and then prints the identification message on the side of the box if it is acceptable. The box then goes to the cold storage room. If the box weight is rejected, a box kicker ejects the box from the conveyor where it is re-filled. The system can process up to 60 boxes a minute.


High Speed Check Weigher



When cherries arrive from the field, it is important to cool them as quickly as possible to extend their shelf life. A receiving hydro-cooler system weighs the incoming bins and logs their weight along with other important information, into a central data base.



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